Buildingcontest 2005

We are allowed to fish on predator fish again, the closed period is over. And the contest on is closed aswell. The theme this time was "Lurefishing is as beatiful as a fairytail". In spite of the fact that several sites and fishing magazines paid attention to the contest, only 56 people entered the contest. Of these 57 people only 17 people handed in a lure. The entering of lurebuilders from Germany, Sweden and Finland give our contest an international tinge. The judging of the contesters has been taken place on the 7 of juli. A jury of 5 independent persons (the quiltgroup of my wife) have judged all lures. They paid special attention to the interpretation of the theme, originality, neatness of the work and the presentation of the lure. On all of these parts they all gave 1 to 10 points. At the end all points were added together and the person with the most points was the winner. Before all of this we divided the contesters into two groups, the beginners and the advanced lurebuilders. That was (in our opinion) the honest thing to do.


Peter Hendriks.
Has built Kermit the frog when he was just a babyfrog. Give him a kiss on the cheek and he will catch fish like prins charming. This jointed jerkbait is made out of mahogany, is slowsinking and has a slow wobbling action.

Christian Witt.
Has built a surface lure titled: "King frog swims". It is made out of one piece of wood, and the head part was the most difficult. The legs are made out of two twisters. They are attached to the body using a spiral piece of metal.

André Koehoorn.
Has send in one of his nice jerkbaits fotographed between the roses. He calls it Voornroosje.

Martin Gosenshuis.
Has built the entire period on his lure, as one can see. It is based on a fairytale by Anderson; "the ugly duckling". It is built out of hard-wood and weighted floating This "ungly duckling" has a wobbling action, see the movieclipsee the movieclip.

Daan Gosenshuis.
His version of the "the ugly duckling" is a nice one aswell. The bucktail and feathered paws drive pikes wild.

Dan Johansson.
Because Dan likes to fish with jerkbaits, it was not so hard for him to decide what kind of lure to built, a jerkbait. Nothing looks more like a marionetteplayer with his marionette then a lurefisher with his jerkbait. He built the "Pinokkio jerk" made from swedish oak and was leaded suspending. Painted with acrylic spraycans and a airbrush. This Pinokkio will make a long nose to a lot of pikes.

Jan Bakker.
Jan occasionally builts jerkbaits with help of information that he finds on a With paint and other stuff from a hobbystore. According to him not really professional like some of the pictures in the gallery. But they do catch pikes. As a finish he uses boat laquer. And because he plays a lottery for years his motto is "you will have to throw a small fish in the pond to catch a big fish". And that inspired him to built this setting. Because catching the "big fish" has been a fairytale thusfar. And that's how he found his theme for the contest.

Joep Hermans.
His little red riding hood is flying towards the Fakir.

Manuel Langkau.
Built this "wolf wearing sheeps clothes" in order to uphold the theme of the contest. The lure is made out of pinewood and has a throughwire piece that runs through the entire body.

Wim Rusky.
This wich is especially designed for pike. From his hide the wich will have to use her magic on the pike. So beware when you are walking across the waterline trying to catch a pike. The pikes are activated from above the water aswell. The stick of the broom is made out of polished brass with a stainless steel wire trough it. Behind the stick there's a that is made out of brown hairs and feathers. The face and hands of thye wich are made out of clay. The clothes are sewn to the face and the hands (all made by Wim's wife) The hands are attached to the stick. On the front of the broom there are two proppellersthat turn to different sides. They are an extra attrector on the stick of the broom.

Jan Kees van Herk.
The ratcatcher of Hamelen catches pike, is his title. The rat is made out of hard-wood The body consists out of three parts. The furr is made out of an old furrcoat. The length of the rat is 22 cm and the weigth is about 40 grams. The rat runs nicely trough the surface of the water. When you pull your rod with short taps it will run somewhat deeper. It has catch pike already.

John Bierens.
Got his inspriation from sticky swan. Used materials: cork, feathers, wood, hooks, lead and light amunition.

Eric Welp.
Was fishing a lot with spoons in the sixties. By changing that spoon it now can be used in combination with dead bait and shads. It cought some nice fish from deep waters during the winter. Because of his nice wobble this lure has a great action. Therefore he named it "wammes waggel", the brother of Donald Duck.

Don Bloothoofd.
Has built Tom Thumb, out of wood.

Jack van de Mortel."Piky and the seven dwarfs" or "the mousecatcher of waterland" are names for this composition. The mice have proven themselfs already. The lead is fixed right next to the treble. The ears are glued in, just like the tail that is made out of firm rubber. The tail is fixed on a screw-eye with a piece of shrinking tube over it. That way you can always replace the tail. The wiskers are made out of black plastic and is glued into tiny little holes. The mice have a really nice action. It just looks like they are swimming. The mice are made out of meranti. The pike is made out of limetree.

Janne Ovaska.
These two jerkbaits are called Hansle and Gretschen.

Hans Koopman.
The giant and Tom Thumb. The big grandma crankbait is 33 cm and is made out of meranti. The little jerkbaitje is made out of oakwood.

Awarding the prizes.

We looked at the different prizes and what they are worth. We gave the winner a change to select his prize. After that we just divided the prizes among the other winners. A cirteria was the amount of points a contester had scored. The more points, the greater the prize. Because of the fact that so few people enterd the contest we where able to give each contester a prize.

The prizes.

The overall winner of the lurebuilding contest 2005 with the Lurefishing is as beatiful as a fairytail" is Martin Gosenshuis with his ugly duckling. The jury was unanimous about this.

He won two Heukers built by Eric de Lange, PowerPro dyneema donated by R&R tackle and VMC trebles donated by R&R tackle aswell.

First runner up in the category advanced lurebuilders is Jack van de Mortel. He will recieve the fabulous spinnerbait package donated by

First runner up in the category beginning lurebuilders is Jan Bakker. He won the mini and XL jerkbaits built by Aad Dam, Powerpro dyneema donated by R&R tackle and trebles, donated by R&R tackle aswell.

The following winners are in random order: We hope you all have a lot of fun with the prizes and may they catch a lot of fish

Last but not least I would like to grasp the oppertunity to give some thanks for all the help I got. First of all I would like to thank Henk Roos the webmaster of who made the contest available on the internet. Secondly I would like to thank all sponsors who where kind enough to donate all beautiful these prizes. Furthermore I would like to thank all websites and magazines who paid attention to this contest. I hope I will see you all next year when there will be a new lurebuilders contest.

Kind predator greetings,
Klaasjan Zuidema